Rapidly recognizing and distinguishing security events is only one of the many highlights that makes SIEM, a magnificent instrument for organizations and IT divisions.



SIEM software works by collecting log and event data produced from applications, devices, networks, infrastructure, and systems to draw analysis and provide a holistic view of an organization’s information technology (IT).


Ensure that your SIEM choice can meet your needs now and in the future, specifically as your business grows and your IT footprint expands.

Reduced Cost

This was found to be 10 times faster at half the price of incumbent solutions The trends in market leading companies to leverage a single platform for observability and security.

Enhanced visibility

The SIEM analytics engine can get additional insights into assets, IP addresses and protocols to reveal malicious files or the data exfiltration of personally identifiable information (PII) moving across the network.

Increased security metrics

SIEM make sure and also increase the security metrics of your environment by providing and facilitate with decision making, improve performance, accountability and many more.

Detecting Advanced and Unknown Threats

Taking into account how rapidly the network safety scene changes, associations should have the option to depend on arrangements that can distinguish and answer both known and obscure security threats.

Our Approach To SIEM

Service Brief: SIEM

This is how ovelosec can replace your traditional SIEM
Like Now days not only threat hunting and log can help you to tackle the next-gen threats for that you need to switch where you get Cost optimization, flexibility, one console management and able to scale-up your SIEM as per needs any many more.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools gather and total log and occasion information to help recognize and track breaches. They are strong frameworks that give endeavor security experts both knowledge of what's going on in their IT environment at the present time and a history of pertinent occasions that have occurred before.

Ovelosec can help you as all the things mentioned above and integrated with SecOps Environment mean the really next-gen
  • Collect security event logs and telemetry in real time for threat detection and compliance use cases.
  • Analyze telemetry in real time and over time to detect attacks and other activities of interest.
  • Investigate incidents to determine their potential severity and impact on a business.
  • Report on these activities.
  • Store relevant events and logs.

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