OVELOSEC Is a Leading Cyber Security Service Provider that has served many clients to their needs to be complete, OVELOSEC has partnered with Microsoft, Google, AWS, Sophos for delivering edge to edge limitless services.

Ovelosec provides expertise in various field of cyber security under which SOC,SIEM,SOAR and VAPT lies. cloud computing for Cloud Security, Cloud Automation, AWS, AZURE, GCP, IBM. and various other kind of Linux that deals for Red Hat, Server Linux. and for SecDevOps we are providing Security-Automation, Threat Detection, real-time protection.

Who We Are

Ovelosec is cyber security service provider that have served various clients for delivering edge to edge limitless services. Expanded our expertise in the field of cyber security for SOC,SIEM,SOAR and VAPT. For cloud computing for cloud security, cloud automation, AWS,AZURE,GCP,IBM. Linux that deals for Red Hat , Server Linux. And for SecDevOps we are providing security-Automation, Threat Detection ,Real -Time Protection.

Why Us?

Ovelosec has partnered with Microsoft, Google, AWS , Sophos for delivering edge to edge limitless services. With great knowledge, skills and tools to accomplish the desired goals. With in depth understanding of networking that will help you understand data transmission’s technical aspects, which will help you secure your data. Taking up networking certifications .


OVELOSEC’S Security Operations Centers(SOCs) orchestrate processes and technology needed to enable efficient incident detection, analysis and response. We have the capability forget about compliances and leave the rest on experts.



Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools gather and total log and occasion information to help recognize and track breaches.

The Third-Party Risk Association was made out of a need to fabricate a local area of similar third party experts to consider the sharing of best practices, trading of thoughts, and influencing the industries.



SOAR allows companies to collect threat-related data from a range of sources and automate the responses to the threat.

It is a security testing to recognize security weaknesses in an application, organization, endpoint, and cloud. Both the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing have novel qualities and are frequently by and large done to accomplish total examination.


Cloud Security

Cloud security, comprises a bunch of arrangements, controls, strategies, and technology that cooperate to protect cloud-based frameworks, information, and foundation.

Risk assessment is key to any authoritative risk management program and is a technique used to distinguish, survey, and focus on a hierarchical gamble.

Risk Assessment

Blockchain Security

A complete risk management system for blockchain networks, incorporating assurance services, cybersecurity framework.

Our Future Goal

We are looking forward to launch our own Product. Will be adopting digital processes irrespective of scale of their operations. Along with investing in the right security tools, organizations hire motivated and talented cybersecurity professionals to plug all possible security gaps.

With leading companies ,brand and startups we would like to collaborate and become partners with for the further made the cybersecurity job roles sought after and critical than ever.

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