Being an important part of cyber security practices, security risk assessment protects your organization from intruders, attackers and cyber criminals. 

Benefits of Risk Assessment

Identify security vulnerabilities

A risk assessment will assess an association's framework by thinking about outer as well as inner threats. In doing as such, a risk assessment will recognize current security weaknesses, shortcomings, and noncompliances with principles for security arrangements.

Identify new security requirements

With a comprehension of an association's shortcomings, a risk assessment can next figure out what steps should be taken to destroy these recognized shortcomings and fortify the framework's security also Determine the probability, likelihood of threats occurring and potential impact of an incident.

Improve planning

An organization must understand its current security risks in order to plan the architecture of its network for the future. Thus, the strengths and weaknesses identified by a risk assessment provide valuable help to an organization’s development of new security plans and policies. Determine overall residual risk and evaluating the gaps in your security.

Our Approach To Risk Assessment


Before basically playing out a review, it is basic to initially recognize and order risk. An appropriately performed risk evaluation is a basic part of understanding the intricacies and prerequisites of the risk assessment process, prior to distinguishing and testing controls to moderate the connected risks. Our risk management process includes defining institutional boundaries and pursuing key decision. Throughout this process, a combination of collaborative discussion and reviews will occur with the business functions and supporting services being audited

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is key to any authoritative risk management program and is a technique used to distinguish, survey, and focus on a hierarchical gamble. One method for taking a formal risk assessment process is your association is currently being proactive instead of responsive. Assuming you have the chance to expect a potential security occurrence and address the possible unfavorable effects. Ovelosec works with your group to foster a powerful risk management program that is significant in building a data security program. These exercises will consider individuals, business processes (information handling), and innovation

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